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About Us

Founded in 2015, Vapelah.com was an online E-cigarettes business; bringing superior quality vaping products at an affordable price with great customer services to the local e-cigarettes community. Each product we offer goes through a rigorous quality check to suit our customers’ need and lifestyle.

Over the past two years, we aim to provide the absolute BEST alternative for smokers to quit ordinary cigarettes. With that in mind, as a strong supporter for local e-cigarettes, Vapelah.com is now a dedicated information hub that provides vapers with the current vaping trends, reviews, news and articles about e-cigarettes.

We are an avid supporter of our local Malaysian made vapor and electronic cigarette products by providing them an online platform to showcase their top of the line e-liquid and hardware products to the masses. We have previously done multiple product reviews on top shelve local e-liquids such as Manipulated Juices, Hamland just to name a few in our social media platforms.

Transitioned from e-commerce platform to information hub, we believe in educating smokers about the health benefits of vaping as a healthier way and less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco smoking.

Helping smokers to quit traditional tobacco smoking is our ultimate goal and Vapelah.com is now a platform that provides the best and accurate information for our local vaping enthusiast to lead them into a healthier lifestyle.

Setting out to usher local smokers to the new era of vaping, we, Vapelah team members are trying our best in guiding local smokers to have a better understanding about e-cigarettes usage, the appropriate products that suits each individual needs and health benefits that comes with it.

We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest trends in the vaping community, so we can better deliver a more accurate information that can serve your needs.

Please feel free to share your vaping experience with us. Should you ever have any questions about e-cigarettes, we are more than happy to assist you.