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What is the DNA 75 color?

History of the DNA 75 chipset

HCigar DNA 75

The DNA 75 is Evolv’s  temperature-control variable-wattage EScribe-compatible chipset. If you’re not familiar with Evolv, the company is an industry pioneer that’s known for creating variable-wattage vaping and for producing some of the highest-quality chips in the business. The most obvious difference between the DNA 75 and its predecessor, the venerable DNA 200, is its output. As the respective names imply, the DNA 75 runs as high as 75 watts, while the DNA 200 can hit as high as 200 watts. The newer chip does have some subtle differences from the DNA 200 that could make it the best choice for you. To help you learn about the chip, I linked up with Evolv president Brandon Ward to get the story straight from the creator.

While the DNA 75 doesn’t have as high an output as the older chip, it’s less expensive and capable of providing power that will satisfy most vapers.

Even though it’s less expensive, the chip is extremely versatile. Since it’s EScribe compatible, the software can be used to update firmware, tweak battery settings, set temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) values, customize a mod’s homescreen, set up profiles for different atomizers, and more. While the chip is powerful and versatile on its own, EScribe takes its functionality to another level. It’s fantastic that the DNA75 gives vapers this level of power at a lower price.

The DNA 75 Color

HCigar VT 75 Color

We have been testing one of the DNA 75 color mod’s for a while now and they vape as well as you would expect from an Evolv board, excellently and they support higher resistance than the DNA 75.  But the main advantage is you will be able to adjust things on the mod that you previously needed to use EScribe to change.  The interface is completely customisable, it can be as simple or as complex as the designer wants.  There is a Theme Designer program the will come with EScribe that will allow to change existing themes or create new ones.  Creating from is probably not going to be for most people as it is a learning curve, but swamping a graphic or two, putting your name and mobile number on the lock screen is easy enough that anyone could do that.

DNA 75 Color screen

The screen is 160x80px, you can have either orientation, but not both in a single theme, you can have up to 3 backgrounds and smaller images of any size, subject to storage. You can use any fonts, but in 3 sizes, they can be different font families if you want. You can add up to 8 conditions for a field, including default = no condition, these would be things like temp protect = off or battery level < 15%. There are gauges where you provide an empty and a full image, like the brightness, preheat and battery in my theme. There are also Toggles, the same as gauges but for on off, like the check boxes and the stealth mode icon on my themes. If you add a is charging condition to the battery gauge adding 2 more images with the lightning bolt you can get a more functional gauge, but it is a learning curve.

DNA 75 Color settings

There is also a status field (has Evolv DNA in the screen shoots) that will show warnings and tool tip like text you can set for any element that can get focus. There is a Theme editor where you create or edit these graphically, it can run stand alone. None of the materials stuff on my theme is implemented yet, but as the aim is to be able to do most everything you can do in EScribe I would expect them to. You can also have up to 3 backgrounds.

Remember it can be as simple as you want so don’t be put off by how complex it looks, my theme is very easy and intuitive to use, no button combinations to remember, not interested in temp protection turn it off and those setting are hidden, you can just stay on the main screen and ignore the others.

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