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Vaping Issue – Marketing To Kids

Marketing to kids is a serious vaping issue hitting the vape market last year. Especially with emergence of our Malaysian product Poke Juice.

We personally see it’s wrong and just a way to rake in high profits on a hype, which most juice are but not just stealing branding but made it completely appealing too children. From the packaging to the phrase such as ‘GOTTA VAPE THEM ALL’, the whole thing looks like a toy box.

Can liquid manufacturers identify what kind of branding that is good enough to attract adults and at the same time not to appeal to children’s? Are children drawn to both “cool cartoons” and “sexy advertisements” in a way that adults are not? There are many factors to weigh into.

Marketing To Adults Not Kids

If these organizations can convince the right higher-ups that e cig manufacturers really do want kids to buy their products, they will be one step closer to having them so heavily restricted that they might as well be banned entirely.

This is why it is so important that accurate information be provided for public review; to combat the misinformation that currently pervades the media.

The fact that kids may enjoy a product in a certain flavor does not prove in any way that it is the manufacturer’s intent to market its product to children.

Looming regulations and misinformed authorities aside, the real topic of importance here is clear. Keeping these products out of the hands of children and teens is a primary objective for any legitimate and responsible e-cigarette manufacturer.

Vapelah.com has always vigorously discouraged use of our electronic cigarette products by nonsmokers as well as anyone under 18 years of age. Regardless of what occurs when regulation does take place, our stance will always be as such – responsible enjoyment for consumers of legal age.

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