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The Best local and imported E-Liquid of 2017 so far

Top e-liquid brands

The vaping community is growing at an unprecedented rate. Look around you –– more and more people are switching from cigarettes to vaping. This is a good thing. But what’s even better is the small, ferociously independent economy developing around it in the form of vape labs, vape boutiques and vape cafes and bars.

But even if you’re no where near a vape shop it really doesn’t matter, as you can access decent gear on the web. I’ve lost count of the amount of different blends, brands and styles of ejuice I’ve tried in the past few years. But the ones that are included on this list are the ones that really stood out to me.

This isn’t just an arbitrary list of E Juice brands, either. These are all juices that either it’s trending on social media, or our team have tried, vetted and grown to love. We don’t include all e-liquids we review on this list – just the most talked about e-juice and quote on quote “best e-juice in the Malaysian market right now.

If you’re looking for a new flavour or you’re getting bored of the selection in your local vape shop, give some of these brands a try.

All the E-Juices on this list are manufactured to the highest standards in Malaysia or in the US. They all use the best quality ingredients and are, as far as we’re concerned, the best options for anyone looking for absolute quality and piece of mind when vaping. Here is our top 5 pick.

*Note that we might not have all the products here listed on Vapelah.com.

Manipulated Juices

Theorem 13 – An intriguing blend of sweetened strawberries and layers of various creams sprinkled with love which produces that biscotti layered with jam vape. On the inhale you’ll taste a fresh strawberry and some sweet cream. While on the exhale there’s a hint of biscotti, nutty taste. A very unique and complex blend of liquid.

Theorem 23 – Not your typical cereal vape with those heavy cream mix. For this liquid, it’s like eating cereal straight out of the box. Multiple layered liquid with a complexity to match the Theorem 13.

You can get both Theorem 13 and Theorem 23 from our website.

Mary Jane by VS&Co

mary jane box
Mary Jane gives out a fresh melon punch flavour with a hint of mint that is suitable to vape all day everyday. Fruity flavours is a staple of Malaysian liquids but what makes this liquid stands out from the pack is their unique mix of flavours and over the top packaging.

You can pick this up from our site

Dos Bros – Grand Noble

DosBros - Grand Noble

DosBros Grand Noble gives a unique taste of cupcakes topped with a hint of fresh strawberries. The best part about this liquid is all of it’s flavorings are imported from U.S and there is no sweeteners are added. Produces AMAZING flavour, very kind to your coils and value for money.

You can pick this up from our site

One Hit Wonder E-liquid

Muffin Man is nice, but our favourite is Milk Man, which is a strawberry-based, creamy juice that is just so tasty I could vape nothing else ever again and still be perfectly content. One Hit Wonder E-Liquid is definitely a brand to check out if you haven’t already.

If you haven’t tried them, we strongly suggest you check them out. One Hit Wonder E-Liquid is immensely popular with vapers these days and once you’ve tried it you will immediately know why

Check out Hyper Vape if you want to purchase one!

Hamland – First Love

Hamland First Love Jasmine Green Tea - Vapelah.com

On point jasmine green tea flavoured liquid perfect for hot and sunny day. Made from ingredients flown in from France without added coloring and sweetener. First choice of everyday vape liquid for plenty of vapers out there.

This can be found from our site

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