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Guide to squonking

Most folks are unfamiliar to squonking and the performance they offer. The quick comparison of squonking is to the traditional dripping RDA’s. One disadvantage of using RDAs is the actual “dripping” part of the equation. Carrying around a bottle of e-liquid and constantly dripping into your atomizer can often be inconvenient and potentially messy. So, what if you could drip without dripping and still enjoy the inherent performance of a conventional RDA? There’s where squonking comes in handy!

What Is a Squonk Mod?
A squonk mod or bottomfeeder mod is a personal vaporizer which carries your e-liquid supply onboard and allows you to directly feed e-liquid into the atomizer. No more need to carry around e-liquid bottles and constantly drip into your RDA. A squonk mod is self-contained, easy to operate, and a convenient way to enjoy the pleasures of conventional dripping without any of the hassle.

How a Squonk Mod Works?
Squonk mod and liquid is to be inserted into your atomizer through the 510 connection, saturating the wicking material. Releasing the pressure will reclaim excess liquid back into the bottle

Steam Crave BF mod

Where Do You Get Squonking RDAs?

As squonking gains in popularity the choices of atomizers is increasing commensurately. Many atomizers are available in squonk-ready configurations right off the shelf – some include a bottomfeed pin while others have an accessory pin available. Here are some budget friendly and some which are at the higher end of the price spectrum.

– Cthulu Hastur and Hastur V2
– Tobeco Torque
– Hobo Customs Hobo 3.1
– Ohman Pancake
– Narmods NarDA
– NoName NoPity
– Origen V3 Dripper by Norbert
– Mark Bugs Chalice III
– Peerless RDA BF by Geek Vape

Which Squonker Is Right for You?

Historically, squonking has been a fairly expensive endeavor. While there are still plenty of high dollar squonk rigs to choose from, a few recent entrants from China have hit the market at very reasonable price points.

Some budget friendly squonkers include the new Kangertech Dripbox , Eleaf Pico Squeeze , Lost Vape Drone BF , Halcyon by Lost Vape , Therion BF by Lost Vape , VT Inbox by Hcigar and Movkin Disguiser with Squonk Kit which are the best and cheapest commercially available squonkers on the market.

And finally, don’t drip and drive. Squonk instead!

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